Massimo Branca graduated in Anthropology with a dissertation on the use of photography in social sciences and cultural investigation. He studied also classical Piano, Visual Arts and Statistics.
In 2009 he co-founded Collettivo Fotosocial, Italian association that uses visual storytelling to spread awareness of human condition and produce positive social change. Since 2011 he collaborates with IRFOSS (Institute of Research in Social Sciences) as teacher and photographer.
His interests mainly focus on cultural flows and their consequences on contemporary lifestyles. He uses photography as a medium to connect with people and give the public a chance to engage meaningfully. (

Igor Marchesan first approached photography as a kid, when he started to develop his
own films in an ordinary sink in his house. Influenced by his Romanian origins, he covered weddings and funerals around the countryside that reminds him of his infancy memories.
In 2012 embarked on an investigative itinerary in the Balcans and then started to work on his first major photographic project in Romania.
Marchesan’s aim is to tell the stories of the people he meets along his journey and who leave a mark in his life.